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Each and every divorce is unique, stressful and emotionally taxing in its own ways, regardless of a couple’s financial situation.

While the same established divorce law applies to every case regardless of individual financial circumstances, high net worth divorce is usually much more complicated in the practical sense.

One of the first steps involved in a high income/high asset divorce is that of valuing matrimonial assets and filing an accurate statement of matrimonial net worth.

New York State adheres to the principle of equitable distribution of property in divorce, yet the courts have broad discretion in applying this principle in each unique situation.

Simply put, the more wealth there is, the more likely dispute over its division may arise in the event of divorce.

In addition to actual dollars, high net worth divorces normally involve more and different categories of assets, some of which may be challenging to evaluate or appraise and divide, such as:

  • High value collections of art, jewelry, vehicles and other assets which may be unique
  • Financial assets, real estate, businesses and other property in other states or even countries
  • Intellectual property assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and royalties derived from them
  • Certain financial instruments, such as private equity fund interests
  • Certain types of trusts, especially depending on how and when those trusts were established and funded

The division of property, particularly that of very high value real estate, homes, artwork, boats, cars and the like, requires the diligence, creative thinking and sharp negotiation skills of an attorney experienced in high net worth divorces.

I offer my clients nearly 24 years of tenacious, highly skilled attorney experience in divorce and family law, including many High Net Worth Divorces, Divorce for Doctors, Medical Professionals and their Spouses, Business Owners, Executives and Entrepreneurs, among others.

If you are contemplating divorce, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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