Detail-Oriented White Plains Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer Negotiates Rights & Responsibilities.

Professionally Developed & Executed Pre-nuptial Agreements construct a clear and mutually-agreed upon marital foundation, which can help reduce animosity, stress and cost, in the event of divorce.

The primary purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to protect a client’s financial interests, including the possible reduction of divorce litigation and expense, by negotiating and executing this type of agreement, prior to the official marriage. Attorney Karen M. Jansen has 24 years experience in Family and Divorce Law, including the frequent negotiation, creation and execution of prenuptial agreements, for the benefit of her clients.

The first question many clients often ask is, “Why should we sign a pre-nuptial agreement?”

While admittedly not the most romantic item to contemplate prior to the celebration of a marriage, a pre nup can offer longer term peace of mind to both spouses and provide the basis for marital peace, stability and mutual expectation.

There are a number of situations where a prenuptial agreement is a wise strategy for Attorney Jansen’s clients, and she can develop and negotiate an agreement to assure your interests are protected. Here are just a few possible examples:

  1. Either or both intended spouses have children from previous relationships, where disputes over inheritances or other financial benefits may occur, in the event of a divorce or death.

  2. Spouses have substantially unequal net worth, or there exists a very significant income inequality between the spouses.

  3. One of the spouses stands to gain a large inheritance at some point during the marriage.

  4. Either, or both, of the spouses is owner of their own business.

  5. Defining which spouse gets what, essentially, in the event of divorce or death during the marriage. This may include alimony, retirement benefits, and division of joint property, among other items.

There are a great many details of both law and an individual client’s situation that can be easily overlooked in the negotiating process of premarital agreements. Attorney Karen M. Jansen’s length of experience in creating detailed-oriented marital agreements helps provide her clients the peace of mind of knowing that their rights, responsibilities and benefits have been addressed and included in their prenuptial agreements.

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