White Plains Post-Nuptial Agreements Lawyer Develops Comprehensive and Protective Marital Contracts for her Clients, After their Weddings

Postnuptial agreements are somewhat less familiar to the public than prenuptial agreements.

However, post nuptial agreements are no less important in their attention to detail, law and substance, especially since they are often concluded after years of marriage, when there are generally more assets, to consider. Their impact upon marital stability & financial expectation can be very valuable as a marriage evolves emotionally and financially across the years.

By their very nature, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement are quite similar. The primary difference between the two is that of timing: prenuptial agreements are executed before the official wedding, postnuptial agreements, anytime after the official wedding.

While post nuptial agreements may address the same types of issues as those outlined regarding prenuptial agreements, there are also instances where a postnuptial agreement may be particularly relevant and beneficial:

  1. One spouse leaves the outside workforce and sacrifices significant potential income, in order to devote years to child care and upbringing.

  1. A spouse acquires large individual & personal debt during the marriage, receives a large and unexpected inheritance, or other financial windfall.

  1. The spouses jointly cultivate ownership of a business during the marriage.

  1. One spouse develops financial and/or emotional concern, arising out of betrayal of marital promises, discovery of previously hidden financial assets, etc, of the other spouse.

White Plains Postnuptial Agreements Attorney, Karen M. Jansen, Esq., offers her many years of successful negotiation and execution of marital agreements, to each of her clients. Having worked with clients at every level of the economic spectrum, she is able to develop the appropriate agreements to assure that each client’s unique situation is recognized, and their particular needs fulfilled.

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