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With the end of the school year fast approaching, the summer recess break often becomes the source of conflict between custodial and non-custodial parents.

Sometimes, it is not only about vacation, but summertime also presents the least disruptive time for the custodial parent to move house and physically relocate the child, with the potential consequence of the child changing schools, schedules and other activities.

Both summer vacation and moves can cause disputes between the parents, as they can provide the basis for potential violations of established child custody and visitation orders and agreed, shared parenting plans.

Some basic tips to avoid such disputes and maintain a smooth transition:

* Adhere to Your Existing Child Custody Order

* Communicate with your Co-Parent:

Amicably work out any mutually agreed upon changes to accommodate summer schedules and plans, before the summer break begins and then both parents honor that agreement

* Put the Needs of Your Children First:

Depending on their ages, you may want to get input from the children as well, when defining agreed upon changes to schedules, vacations, etc.

In some instances, summertime changes, especially those involving moving house, may precipitate unavoidable legal challenges aiming to enforce or modify existing child custody and visitation orders.

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