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Child custody orders are established by the court to ensure that a child’s best interests are protected following a divorce. The court makes a determination about which parent is in the best position to make major decisions concerning healthcare, education and religion for the child. In some cases, parents may share in the decision-making with joint legal and physical custody. If one parent is awarded sole legal and/or physical custody, they are responsible for making all decisions and providing a home for the child 100% of the time. Once a child custody order is established, the court only allows modifications if such changes are in the best interest of the child. At the Law Office of Karen Jansen, our White Plains child custody attorney provides solid legal advice based on extensive knowledge and experience to help you deal with unexpected changes and make the best decisions possible for your family.

Parental relocation is one of the most common reasons courts modify child custody arrangements

After the court establishes a child custody plan, each parent must adhere to its provisions and may not interfere with the other parent’s rights to custody or visitation. However, the court recognizes that circumstances may change that necessitate a change to an existing parenting plan. If one parent wishes to relocate, he or she must petition the court for a custody modification. The specific circumstances of the relocation such as whether it is temporary or permanent and whether the relocating parent is the custodial or noncustodial parent are both important considerations that may impact the modification.

Some custody orders may include provisions for specific vacations out of state or other activities. However, any actions that may hinder the other parent’s parenting schedule must be approved by either the other parent or a judge.

The court considers several factors when evaluation child custody relocation modifications

As with all decisions involving children, the court follows the best interest standard and only allows modifications upon a showing that such changes are in a child’s best interest. Some of the factors the court considers for relocation petitions include:

  • The reasons for the parent’s relocation
  • The non-relocating parent’s reasons for opposing or supporting the move
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The future impact on the noncustodial parent’s visitation rights
  • The potential emotional, economic and educational benefits of the relocation for both the parent and child

It is vital to have an experienced child custody advocate on your side to ensure that your rights are protected.

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