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Child custody and visitation cases are inherently emotional and complex. Families are dynamic and disputes regarding the care and support of children are often the most contentious. The guiding principle for all child custody and visitation matters is always the best interests of the child. In line with this “best interests” standard, New York courts have established that grandparents may have rights to visitation and/or custody depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the case. At the Law Office of Karen Jansen, our skilled child custody and visitation attorney has significant experience helping grandparents preserve their rights and maintain access to their grandchildren.

When to seek legal assistance with enforcing grandparent rights

Disputes regarding grandparent visitation are typically complicated and may be attributed to several years of familial conflict. In some cases, both parents may object to grandparent visitation. When both parents are in agreement in refusing visitation, courts are often hesitant to interfere unless it is clearly in the child’s best interests. A mediator or grandparent rights attorney may be able to facilitate discussion and negotiation between the parents and grandparents that results in a mutually agreeable arrangement without involvement from the court. However, in the event that negotiations fail, the court may analyze several factors when determining whether or not to grant grandparent visitation. These factors include:

  • Whether or not the grandparent(s) has maintained a preexisting and substantial relationship with the child
  • Each parent’s reason for objecting to visitation
  • The child’s own wishes if he or she is of sufficient age and maturity
  • Potential stress or emotional anguish for the child

Unquestionably, conflicts between parents and grandparents are predicated on disagreements that may have years of history behind them. It is important to understand that the best interests of the child is paramount and overrides any other personal feelings that either side may have. Attorney Karen Jansen is an experienced grandparent rights and family law attorney that understands the legal nuances present in these difficult cases and provides a high level of service with impeccable attention to detail.

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If you are struggling to maintain a meaningful relationship with your grandchildren due to conflicts between the child’s parents or the refusal of one parent to allow visitation, you may be able to take legal action to enforce your rights. At the Law Office of Karen Jansen, you receive one-on-one guidance and the resources you need to understand your options. To discuss your situation during a free initial consultation, call 914-821-5200 or contact us online. The centrally- located White Plains office is convenient to clients throughout New York in Yonkers, Scarsdale, Harrison, Greenburgh, North Castle and surrounding communities.